Sensory Direct Mail Works on Cats--And Humans, Too

If your target market happens to be cat lovers, catnip-scented mail pieces have you covered. Well, in this case, cats are all over it. (Watch the video above to see what happens when cats get a hold of this type of mail piece.)

Are non-cat lovers your audience? Rejoice. There is something out there for them, too.

Do you happen to be a landscaping company? Fresh-cut grass should do the trick.

How about a landscaping company in Tucson? There's a scent for wet dirt, believe it or not. Perfect for Monsoon season.

Using scented labels to create interesting sensory DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGNS works well also.

From cotton candy to fragrant flowers, there's plenty of creative choices when it comes to using scented LABELS. Even "stinky" scents like manure or racing fuel are available.

Oh, the possibilities!

With the right marketing message and the right Call-to-Action (CTA), a sensory experience for the end-user can increases response rates because it triggers an immediate emotional connection with one's brand.

In fact, a scented laundry detergent ad was inserted into a popular women's magazine in France which led to a 50% increase in in-store voucher redemption. Giving consumers a chance to "sample" a product by mere aroma is an effective tactic--similar to scented perfume samples we traditionally see in magazines.

What scent would you use on your next direct mail marketing campaign?

We smell some creativity brewing... coffee scented labels, anyone? Of course.

Take your direct mail campaign to the next level with scented labels, or other sensory ideas. Ask one of our friendly, creative Client Service Representatives for help at (520) 571-1114.